Engaged Arizona helps voters find their voice.

Whether it is through our thorough election information guides or our voter registration efforts, we strive to get Arizonans get connected with politics from a nonpartisan standpoint.


Board of Directors


Bradley Reece

June 2020 – Present

Vice President of the Board

Chance Stribling

July 2020 – Present

Community Outreach Coordinator

Joysaphine Waitman

July 2020 – Present

At this time, we are searching for committed board members who can act as volunteers in our startup as a nonprofit. Requiring only a handful of hours each month, the team will be responsible for developing corporation bylaws, working with the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to maintain incorporation and nonprofit status, and setting up necessary accounts with financial institutions to benefit the work of Engaged Arizona.

Apply now at EngagedAZ.org/volunteer or by emailing info@engagedaz.org.