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Be a Registered Voter.

You can register to vote via ServiceArizona, the government-provided registration database for the state or offline by mail or in-person at your county recorder’s office. To register, you must be 18+ by the time of the next general election, you must be both a U.S. and an Arizona citizen, and you must not have been convicted of a felony.

There are three options to register to vote in Arizona:

1. You can use ServiceArizona, a website provided by the MVD and the State of Arizona, to register to vote online. You will receive your voter registration card in the mail.

2. You can download, fill, and mail in the form below. This will take the longest out of the three options. You will receive your voter registration card in the mail.

3. You can register to vote in person at one of the locations provided below. Some locations may not be open due to COVID-19 closures, so be sure to call before you go in.

Warning: Clicking to register to vote online will take you off of the Engaged Arizona website onto a website provided by the State of Arizona. Engaged AZ is not responsible for privacy or security on the ServiceArizona website.

Be an Informed Voter.

Choosing your candidates has never been easier! Voter Information Guides by Engaged Arizona show you who is running and their views on policy, as well as their background.

There are two ways to view our Voter Information Guides:

1. View our Voter Guides online, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is the best option, as it is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

2. Request a copy of our Voter Guides by calling or texting us at 602-888-6815. We will send one to you in the mail!

Be a Connected Voter.

Our Facebook group, iVote Arizona, is a great way to get connected with other registered voters in Arizona. From our discussions on election methods, to our candidate bio posts, there is always something new to get you connected! To join, please click the button below or search “iVote Arizona” on Facebook to find our group.

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